Local Tenant Support Services

There are many organisations which can offer advice and support to tenants. Please use the links below for more details. 

Keep Safe Scheme - Police Scotland

Stirling Women's Aid

Stirling Council

Stirling Council has a range of services which provide advice and support:

Adult Protection Services

If you are an adult who is being harmed or neglected and unable to protect yourself, or if you know or suspect such an adult is being harmed or neglected contact the Adult Protection Services on: Daytime contact telephone number 01786 404040, Evening and Weekends call 01786 470500

Criminal Justice Social Work

Criminal Justice Social Work supports people convicted of domestic abuse and provides support to their partners. You can contact them by phoning 01786 233950 to speak to a member of the team.

Housing Services

Housing Services provide a confidential service to victims of abuse.  You can be assured that under no circumstances will the perpetrator of abuse be contacted.  You could be offered temporary accommodation if necessary. Contact the Homeless team on 01786 237900, or out of hours on 01786 404040

Childrens' Services

Childrens’ Services have a legal duty to ensure that children are protected from abuse and neglect. Childrens' Service work to provide children, young people and their families experiencing domestic abuse with support including care, education and child protection intervention, when necessary. Allegations and concerns relating to child abuse are investigated jointly by Social Services staff with Police Scotland. You do not have to give your name to report an issue. 

If you are worried about a child, you can contact Childrens' Services to report your concerns. During the day please contact Stirling Council Social Work on 01786 471177. Out of Hours (after 5pm and weekends) you can contact the team on 01786 470500.