If you are experiencing frozen or burst pipes due to the current extremely cold weather then please read the following advice :

If you have frozen pipes try to thaw them by wrapping heated cloths around them.

You may also be able to apply some heat from a portable heater but NEVER use a naked flame.

  • If you live in an all electric house turn off the electrical switch to the hot water tank.
  • If you have a gas heating/hot water system DO NOT try to use the heating system or an immerser tank.
  • If your pipes have burst shut off the water supply at the stop valve and then run all the cold water taps in the house until the water stops running.
  • If there is a risk of water coming into contact with any electrical wiring or fittings, turn off the electricity supply at the mains.
  • Finally, if out of normal business hours, call the emergency contact as given below and notify the Association as soon as possible.
  • If you have experienced severe flooding and have to vacate the house then contact Stirling Council Homelessness Team who may be able to provide you with temporary emergency accommodation. Call them on 01786 432400.