Design Guide EIA and Consultation

We are currently reviewing our Design Guide for new build housing and as part of that process we are undertaking an Equalities Impact Assessment (EIA). The purpose of the EIA is to ensure that we consider the potential impact that the Design Guide will have on those with protected characteristics such as age, race or gender. It is also important to get your views on how we approach the design of new build housing and how you feel the contents of the Design Guide would impact you or others and what changes you would suggest to improve it.

Please email or phone the office on 01786 841101 and ask to speak to Craig Wood. The Draft Design Guide is available to view by clicking on the link below. You can also view it in person at our office in Doune. The Final Design Guide will be presented to Board in February for approval so we are asking that all comments are provided before the end of January.

RSHA Revised Design Guide 2023 Draft